How to download Angry Bird 2 on Scarlet iOS

Angry Birds 2 APK on Scarlet iOS

Angry Birds 2 APK is like a newer version of the old Angry Birds game. It keeps the same style of shooting birds from a slingshot but with some new things added. It’s the first official follow-up to the original Angry Birds game. In this new version, the pictures and movements are much better, making the game feel more real and exciting for players.

The game keeps its main rules: players still use a slingshot to shoot birds at buildings to beat the green pigs. But in Angry Birds 2, there are new things to try. For example, players can now choose which birds they want to use for each level. This makes the game more strategic and interesting to play.

In Angry Birds 2, there are new things called spell cards. They help players when they’re having a hard time at a level. Besides that, there’s a better way to take care of your birds in the game. You can now get new birds and make them stronger, which helps a lot in tough levels. Let’s learn more about Angry Birds 2 APK.

Features of Angry Birds 2 Apk

Engaging Storyline

The game has a better storyline now. It’s got great pictures and realistic movements. The story makes the game even more interesting. Each level is not just a game but also a part of a bigger, exciting story. Also, besides games, you can download the XnView Indonesia 2020 apk and enjoy its features too.

Strategic Gameplay

Angry Birds 2 APK on Scarlet iOS gameplay on Scarlet IOS

In Angry Birds, you need to think strategically. It’s not just about throwing birds at buildings. Players have to think ahead and pick the right birds to do the most damage and beat the pigs.

Fresh Features

This game brings in lots of new and interesting gaming features. It makes the traditional gameplay even better. Players can try out different ways to play and have exciting experiences that are different from the old game.

Improved Skills

The game now gives old characters new skills. For example, Red has a better ability now. These skills give players more options and ways to deal with the obstacles at each level.

Fresh Faces

Angrybird 2 fresh FACES

In the game, there are new characters to meet. Two birds, Silver and Melody, join the crew, along with a pig named Leonard that players can control. Each character has special abilities, making the game more diverse and fun to play.

Levels with Many Parts

In this game, some levels have different stages to go through. This makes the game more complicated and longer to play. It’s designed this way to keep players interested and challenged during their gaming time.

Funny Moments

Angry bird Funny Moments

Angry Birds 2 is full of jokes and funny stuff, making sure the game isn’t just hard but also fun. This makes playing the game feel light and enjoyable.

Spells Instead of Boosts

Instead of the usual power-ups, Angry Birds 2 brings in spells. These spells give players different advantages and can be really important in tough levels. They add more thinking and planning to how you play the game.

Tips and Tricks to Play Angry Birds 2

Playing this game well needs a mix of planning, ability, and knowing how the game works. Here are some tips to help you do better in the game:

Know What Each Bird Can Do: Every bird in the game can do something special. Knowing what these things are and how they work with different buildings is important to cause the most damage. For instance, Red can push things away with a force field, and Chuck can go faster in a straight line.

Here are some tips to help you play the game better:

Use Spells Wisely: Spells in the game are really helpful. Keep them for when you really need them, especially in tough parts of the game.

Aim for Weak Spots: Buildings in the game usually have weak spots. Look for parts that are not very strong or important blocks that can make a big reaction when hit.

Make Your Birds Stronger: As you go on, you’ll earn feathers that can make your birds better. Focus on making the birds you use the most stronger.

Practice Your Shots: Shooting birds with the slingshot needs accuracy. Practice shooting to understand how different birds work and how strong you need to shoot for different distances.

Don’t Waste Lives: In Angry Birds, you have a limited number of lives. Try not to use them up quickly. If you run out of life, take a break and come back later when you have more.

How to Download Angry Bird 2 on Scarlet iOS

Download Angry Bird 2 on iOS Using Scarlet IPA Installer. 

Start your iOS journey with Angry Birds 2 using the Scarlet IPA Installer for a better sideloading experience. Make transferring IPA files to your iOS device smoother and more efficient by installing the Scarlet Application on your PC. Connect it to your iPhone or iPad to ensure a seamless process. This new method improves the functionality of your Apple device, making it even better to use.

The Scarlet Application serves as a bridge between your PC and iOS device, ensuring a safe and synchronized connection. This integration creates a smooth user experience, reducing any issues during file transfers. By sideloading IPA files, you can unlock new possibilities and expand your device’s capabilities. Dive into the ongoing advancements in technology, where the Scarlet Application demonstrates user-friendly features and provides advanced capabilities for the changing world of iOS devices.

Download Scarlet App

Starting the Installation

Begin the installation process by opening the Crimson app on your iOS device. Look for the “Import” button at the top-right corner to kickstart your journey to install Angry Birds 2.

Smooth Importing

Select the Angry Birds 2 APK file within the Crimson app to activate the smooth importing process. This essential step prepares you to integrate the desired features into your video streaming options.

Awaiting Installation

Prepare yourself as the importing process approaches its end, anticipating a prompt. This subtle hint suggests that the installation of Angry Birds 2 is coming soon.

Installing the App

Keep the momentum going by tapping the “Deploy” button. This quick action takes you to the Home Screen, where you can keep an eye on the app’s installation progress, ensuring a seamless transition to access Angry Birds 2’s exclusive features.

Successful Installation

Pause for a moment as the app smoothly completes its installation process. Within seconds, witness the successful installation of Angry Birds 2 on your iOS device – a testament to the effectiveness of the Crimson Application.

Moving to Device Settings

Advance to the next step by opening your device’s settings. Navigate to “Settings > General > VPN & Device Management,” where you’ll find the Angry Birds 2 profile waiting for you under the “Enterprise App” section.

Building Trust

Build trust in the Angry Birds 2 profile by tapping the “Trust” button. This crucial action establishes a foundation for smoothly and securely integrating the application into your device’s system.

Exploring Developer Mode (Optional)

For users with iOS 16 or newer, consider diving into “Settings > Privacy & Security > Developer Mode.” Enabling Developer Mode unlocks extra functionalities, expanding your options and capabilities.

Finalizing Changes

Once adjustments are made, complete the process with a strategic reboot of your iOS device. This ensures that all changes take effect smoothly and optimizes functionality.

Launching Angry Birds 2

Wrap up this enlightening journey by launching the app. Dive into the unlocked features and enhanced capabilities that Angry Birds 2 offers on your iOS device. Explore the intuitively designed interface and discover the diverse possibilities this application offers at your fingertips.

Final Words

In conclusion, Angry Birds 2 stands as a captivating sequel to the original game, renowned for its engaging slingshot gameplay. Developed by Rovio Entertainment, this version elevates the classic experience with enhanced graphics, intricate level designs, and new gameplay elements.

While maintaining the core mechanics of using a slingshot to fling birds at structures and defeat green pigs, Angry Birds 2 introduces fresh features such as selecting birds for each level, adding strategic depth to the gameplay.

The availability of the APK (Android Package Kit) version enables Android users to download the game directly to their devices from platforms like the Google Play Store and other APK download websites. So, don’t wait any longer—download now and enjoy the thrill of shooting!


Angry Birds 2 APK introduces several new features while keeping the core gameplay of shooting birds from a slingshot intact. Notable differences include the ability to choose which birds to use for each level, the introduction of spell cards for assistance, and the option to upgrade and strengthen birds.

Angry Birds 2 brings in new gaming features such as spell cards, improved skills for existing characters, the addition of new characters like Silver and Melody, and levels with multiple stages. These features aim to provide players with diverse and exciting gaming experiences.

Unlike traditional power-ups, Angry Birds 2 introduces spells that offer various advantages to players. Spells add a layer of strategy and planning to the gameplay, providing assistance in challenging levels and requiring players to use them wisely for maximum effectiveness.

To excel in Angry Birds 2, players should familiarize themselves with each bird’s unique abilities, utilize spells strategically, aim for weak spots in buildings, prioritize upgrading frequently used birds, practice accuracy in shooting, and manage lives efficiently to avoid running out quickly. These tips can significantly enhance the player’s performance and enjoyment of the game.

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